Legal Sports Betting Sites For Delaware Residents

​​Placing a few bucks down on a beloved sports team or player is the icing on many sports fan’s cakes on game day. When you’re team has won and it’s time to collect from friends and family, you may even wonder why you didn’t make it to the nearest sportsbook for a higher profit. Luckily, we live in a modern age where legal online sportsbooks for Delaware residents can come to you with no need to gas up the car for a journey to big winnings. There are federal laws in place across the country that affect where one may place a bet however, and this page is here to serve as a guide for all those in Delaware looking to win big under the rule of law.

Are Online Sportsbooks Legal In Delaware?

Federal law forbids the business of gambling or facilitating bets for profit on U.S. soil while leaving the simple act of placing a bet legal. This has erased many venues for consideration but not all of them. These laws prohibit sports betting establishments from operating within the United States outside of special exemptions such as Las Vegas. Although Delaware is also exempt from the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) along with Nevada, there are no ways to bet on sports through a state licensed site. There are however, a multitude of legal sports betting sites for Delaware players to bet through located outside of both federal and state jurisdictions. Any site located outside of the country is not bound to federal law and is therefore available to any Delaware resident looking to exercise their right to make a wager.

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Best Sports Betting Sites For Delaware Players

While simply being located out of the country is the necessary requirement for legality, there are other things to consider when choosing the perfect online sportsbook. A site should have a solid track record of positive reviews from their member base as well as having been in business for a number of years. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week customer service and a reputation for reliable and consistent payouts are also paramount traits of trusted legal sports betting sites that accept Delaware players. Luckily, a few sites bear all of these features and are available to Delaware residents, as we have listed a few of our favorites below for your betting pleasure.

BetOnline Sportsbook
Lifetime Bonuses + Mobile App

If you just haven’t been able to glean the satisfaction you crave from the betting on sports through the awkward, forced parlay bets of the Delaware state lottery, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Join the thousands of Delaware residents who have already signed up with BetOnline, one of the premiere Delaware sports betting sites. When you sign up at BetOnline, you have access to one of the most comprehensive and full service sportsbooks available on the web.

Featuring constantly updated lines and odds through every major American and international sport, members are able to wager upon the moneyline, spread or even fractional odds when considering a bet. This sportsbooks leaves no sport, league, team or player uncovered, as users are able to make bold predictions for even bolder payouts such as who may take next year’s Super Bowl trophy. New users who sign up and become fully-fledged members will also enjoy a chunk of change even before placing their first bet. BetOnline issues a 25% increase to every users deposit worth up to $1000 to spend anywhere on the sportsbook. What’s more, this online sportsbook extends this deal for LIFE or the duration of membership, leading to endless opportunity for winning big with little to no risk.

SportsBetting Online Sportsbook
US Residents Welcome + Mobile App

This online sportsbook has been in business to the American public for well over a decade and has been making their rivals shake in their cleats for the duration of that time.’s name says it all as they provide an exemplary sports betting experience that has a long list of rave reviews to support it. With live-chat customer service, no bet goes without attention on the site’s futuristic page design that is also easy to follow.

The sportsbook found at takes numerous wagers from American users since the boast many of the best betting lines and odds over the NFL, NBA, MLB and even NCAA. Notable American sports giants such as ESPN, Yahoo Sports and USA Today all cite the information provided by over even those found in Las Vegas sportsbooks, making the site a major source for betting lines and sports predictions. With a 50% signup bonus that any new user receives upon their first deposit, members are able to make bets and win thousands without even having spent a dime. Simply enter in the promo code of ‘SB50’ while at the cashier to get up to $500 in free betting cash.

Sports Betting Sites That Accept Delaware Players
Sportsbook Bonus Delaware Welcome? Visit
BetOnline Sportsbook $1,000 On All Deposits - 25% Yes Visit
SportsBetting 50% Match On First Deposit Yes Visit
5Dimes Sportsbook 50% To $200 Then 20% To $500 Yes Visit
Land Based Sportsbooks In Delaware

Legal gambling in Delaware is unique when compared to other states when it comes to sports betting due to its exemption from the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). While the First State does not bear the same sports betting action as one might find in Las Vegas, there are still a few licensed sportsbooks within Delaware’s casinos. Unfortunately, bettors will only be able to bet on the NFL while the season is in progress and only the parlay format is available. The good news for more serious sports bettors in Delaware is that the Delaware online sportsbooks are legally available for what the brick and mortar sportsbooks lack.

Betting Age In Delaware - How Old To Bet Sports Online?

Although both legal online options and land based “sports betting” in Delaware may be enjoyed legally, every potential bettor in the state must meet one parameter. They must be over 21 years of age. By simply ensuring that a bettor is old enough, they can avoid pesky, state enforced penalties like fines and potential jail time if an offender is over 18.